Bedroom & Balcony

Sejin-7 copy

New York is known for their universally small bedrooms, but their perimeters extend to its vacant balconies. It’s awkward at first to take a friend photographer and expose her to shooting me in my underwear, but my portfolio needs a paradigm shift – more NY, less LA.

Sejin-15 copy

This shirt’s collar is a bit flat and the french linen gives an other worldly feel – it’s the perfect summer top.

Sejin-10 copy

Christmas lights wrapped around rustic metal – seems like the perfect staircase to Heaven.

Sejin-6 copy

I’m thinking about cutting my hair right below my jawline – what should I do?

Sejin-19 copy

Black & white makes my jeans look more denim than it actually feels.

Sejin-4 copy

Daydreams into deeper thoughts.

Sejin-8 copy

Shirts before pants.

Sejin-18 copy

Sometimes, climbing gets hard; it’s the journey that counts.

Sejin-20 copy

Black or white or bedroom or balcony, I am perpendicular to His passions and His pursuit.

Special thanks to Muji @ Cooper Square for the tops. Also wearing Jockey underwear and H & M jeans.

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Photography by Heehyun Oh

© 2014, Sejin. All rights reserved.

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