Hi there


Found this really old pic of me while organizing my files… I like that it’s actually blurry… maybe it’s that I need to be constantly reminded to forget the past and move on. hmm.

I know I had said that I’d try to be more consistent with my blog in the last post, and honestly, it’s been on my mind.. but now that I work more, I realized it really is hard to balance things and actually make time for blogging.. but then I remember how I used to hustle back in the days when this blog was a born, when I had a full time corporate job, a part time modeling job, taking social media classes at night at UCI, then blogging and Youtubing.. woah, I had a lot on my plate now that I think about it. but I remember really enjoying every part of my life then despite being so busy. Oh yeah, I was a younger too. haha.

So.. now that I don’t have a full time photographer.. I’ve been wondering which direction this blog should take. Then I thought about the very beginning of it all, before the Mark II and III came along, before all the fashion shows and writing job, how this blog was born out of genuine curiosity, pure interest and passion for fashion and beauty. Now that I’ve been working in fashion for some time, I know I’ve definitely developed an eye and taste for it, so I may just start posting random fashion and beauty related things, just things that capture my attention at the moment, whatever is intriguing, interesting, whatnot. Again, I’m not here to impress anyone or look cool or whatever so I’ll do what makes me happy. Hope you don’t mind. hehe


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