Purpose Driven

I’m usually the type to plan things out way ahead.

but sometimes, just sometimes, I like being rebellious and be totally spontaneous.

and… this is where we ended up: Chuncheon, which is famous for Korean BBQ Chicken aka chicken galbi though I’m pretty sure it’s famous for many other things, such as the beautiful So-Yang River but in my book, food is always #1.

Unfortunately, we got a little too excited over the chicken and of course didn’t get to capture the magnificence to share with you but let me just tell you that it was the most amazing, I mean the best dak-gal-bi (barbequed chicken) I’ve ever had. The cooking method is completely different from what we are used to which I think makes it all the more special aside from the special marinade. If you ever plan on visiting Chuncheon, make sure to feed yourself some of this goodness but this one I’m talking about isn’t located on the main street so be sure to ask if you want details- A small tip: go during the week as the wait gets as long as 1-2 hours on the weekends. It’s called Chuncheon Wonjo Dak Boolgogi. You can easily look it up on Naver if you can read Korean. If not, feel free to ask.

Honestly, I’m a bit reluctant to write about food on my blog nowadays because I’ve naturally become more conscious of my so called “image” as a fashion person which isn’t exactly true either but hopefully you get my point… No? well, let me try to explain if that’s possible. So when I started this blog a few years ago, it didn’t have a purpose or direction. All it was was an outlet for me to release my passion for everything non-work-related. As pathetic as that sounds, I had to find a playground for my mind, sort of similar to a place for mind farting, like continuously, to free myself from all the requirements and restrictions set by others. That was the reason why I didn’t tell anyone about this blog until way later… I didn’t start posting pictures of myself until a few years had passed. I just simply didn’t think that anyone would read, because essentially, it was my space, built solely for myself. Right.. how selfish… haha

I sometimes wish I had a clear direction from the start as to where I wanted to take this blog, or at least what I wanted to do with it, because the first year when it was basically nothing, can easily be interpreted as being wasted; however I’m quickly reminded that no time is wasted as long as I enjoyed being in that moment. Until that fateful day when I randomly came across a fashion blog at the end of 2010 while I was on a lengthy medical leave, did I ever imagine myself to be posting pictures of myself to be evaluated by thousands of people, nor did I think that anyone would be interested in what I had to say. After I found out about ‘fashion blogs’, not that it was planned, but I found my blog becoming more of a fashion blog than anything else, which is why I’ve become more uneasy about writing anything unrelated to fashion. But at the same time, I want to make sure I’m providing useful information, because at the core of the existence of this blog is ‘knowledge sharing’ that which I’ve felt strongly about ever since my academic days.

Earlier today, I saw myself on TV being interviewed about my job and this blog. It was shot a few weeks ago for a fashion episode of a TV show on a global broadcasting company, Arirang TV called The Semipermanent. Ever since the interview, I’ve been thinking a lot about myself- what significance fashion has in my life, what my passion is, and what this blog means to me. The more I ponder, I realize how ‘fashion’ isn’t what I love. It’s not my passion. It’s not my #1 priority. WTH, you ask. Yeah, exactly. I thought it was too at one point, and I thought I was totally, completely 100% certain that fashion was my passion (not a fan of how cheesy that sounds, btw) especially when I was at my 9-5 job. but my conclusion is that my life would be miserable if it was all about just that- like, if my day started with fashion and ended with fashion only (as in putting myself in a small room full of fashion related things with no one around), how empty would it feel at the end of the day? I can read hundreds of books on fashion and designers and gain as much knowledge as possible on the topic but really, where would I go with it? Well, note that this is strictly applicable to me, and even that came after a lengthy self-assessment and evaluation. That is not to say that fashion isn’t important in my life. I do work in the industry after all. I love my job, but that is not ‘only’ because it’s in fashion. The happiness I experience while I do what I do comes from working with people with whom I share a common interest, which is fashion. Yes, it’s the people I get to meet and interact with throughout the process that excites me and inspires me. I hope this all makes sense. I’m thankful that I can have this kind of perspective which I think partly is due to my unique background.

With that said, I want this blog to be a space for knowledge sharing, where I can share ideas (old and new) on anything fashion, lifestyle, travel, etc… anything and everything that I come across in life- that is not to say that I live a “better” life compared to others, but it just simply means that I want to share parts of my life that which hopefully can give¬† fresh ideas and perspectives to those who are looking for it, hence the reason why I started introducing new designers and their amazing work. I’m not a fashion expert, just a little person who likes experimenting with fashion and has a passion for news ideas and sharing them.

Cheers to those whose passion is to “create”!

Jeffrey Campbell Kravits boots, Zara lace shorts, Black opaque tights from Korea, Zara plaid shirt, Faux Fur Vest (which was once a jacket), Oversized black coat from Justin’s closet (with shoulder pads removed), Chanel 2.55 Reissue, Hat gifted by ZE QUUN HOMME

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