Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

It’s been so chilly lately, chilly enough to keep me from going to the gym, or walking to places- that kind of chilly. Can’t believe we now have Taebo at the gym, something I’ve only dreamed of though it does have a Korean flare to it, like a lot, which takes me back to my aerobics days. But believe me, kick-boxing + Korean aerobics= best workout you’ll ever have.

I realized that I like my hair a lot more in photos than in real life.

Ran into a production crew from Arirang TV a few days ago who filmed my outfit for their “vest styling” program that’s set to air next Tuesday at 7 am. Yes, I said 7 am, not 7 pm. hahaha If you have access to the channel and are up that early, look for me on Korea Today. Funny how I worked with two different crews from the same TV station in a span of just one week. Hope I can get up early enough to catch the live episode (there will be a rerun in the afternoon, tsk tsk).

‘A red lipstick can do wonders,’ says a convert who’s been a fan of nude lips like… forever.

Oh yeah, I found a pretty good Mexican joint in Hongdae, thanks to the lovely folks at Arirang TV. It’s not as good as King Taco but good enough to satisfy my Mexican cravings. It’s called Dos Tacos. If you are from LA who occasionally get this anxiety attack because you are unable to properly respond to your body’s need for some good ol’ burrito al pastor or fajita, Dos Tacos may be your best bet. My personal favorite is the Chicken Burrito with extra onion and cilantro. It’s open-style (like the open sandwich) which I’m not used to, but tastes pretty good. Just be ready to rock some serious dragon breath afterwards.

Bronze knit dress from somewhere in Korea (gifted), Chambray shirt from Gangnam Station (was on sale for 10,000 won), Nixon watch that I’ve had forever which I’m slowly getting tired of, No name Faux fur vest (was once a jacket pre-DIY. It was a sample piece gifted by either my aunt or dad), H&M grey tights that help me survive the winter, H&M belt that is kind of hard to work with, Turquoise necklace gifted by the lovely SW at, and Prada ankle boots that I heart very much (bought on sale at

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