Hanging onto Autumn

Ah… only if that was possible.

It’s suddenly gotten very chilly in Seoul though I don’t mind the fallen leaves decorating the sidewalks and all.

It was one of those mornings when we were feeling like if we didn’t go out to enjoy the leaves now, we’d have to wait another year. So there we were, in middle of the tree-lined street snapping away.

So basically, this is what I look like when I spend two minutes putting together an outfit, which apparently consists of black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, a black hat, black shades, black see-through stocking socks thingy (what do you call these again? In Korea, they are just another type of socks), a pair of mean looking heels, A metallic silver collar necklace because the outfit would have been too boring without it, and Justin’s old black coat that he abandoned many years ago which fits on me perfectly like one of those trendy oversized-coats which couldn’t be more timely (note: if you decide to steal your bf’s shapeless coat such as this one, do make sure to remove the shoulder pads unless you want to look like a wrestler). Anyhow, I notice that such a “lazy outfit” for me has a lot to do with black, something I don’t do as often. hmm

There were some photos taken without the shades and man, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Girl, put them shades on already!”

Almost eating my own hair… yeah, that breakfast at Tower Palace was pretty badddd…. (and I mean literally)

Strange, I noticed the other day how long my toe nails are. Sorry, not to be so gross but am I the only one with naturally long toe nails? I’m talking about the part where it’s skin-colored, not the white part that’s supposed to be cut regularly. So my problem is that I get holes in socks easily, like a lot more often that it should happen. Not very economically efficient. Please do let me know if you are a victim too, it would be very reassuring to know that I’m not the only one, though it’s not rare that I feel like an alien.

Black skinny jeans by Joe’s Jeans, T-shirt gifted by my lovely aunt, New Era Superman snapback hat borrowed from a little cousin that I may not give back for a while he just doesn’t know yet, Bally purse that I’ve had forever, Ray-ban Aviators, Justin’s old coat that he hates but I love, Jeffrey Campbell Drucilla heels, Metallic Silver collar necklace by Post December, Socks that I got in exchange of a bread (so I was at this little shop at the train station when I found these socks and wanted to buy them only to find out that they only took cash which I didn’t have.. and the owner lady says I can just take it… surprised, I dug through my stuff to see if I had anything else to offer, so I ended up giving her all the change I had plus a red bean bread I had brought from church. How sweet is she?)

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