SFW S/S 2013: Day 2 Outfit

Taking a break from uploading Seoul Fashion Week runway show videos on my new channel (if you haven’t please check it out!), and messing around looking through old photos while watching Lord of Dramas, a new Korean drama series on SBS. I noticed that I may have forgotten to upload these outfit photos from SFW which may have been set aside on purpose now that I think about it as I wasn’t all that happy with the quality of the photos since they were taken late in the evening thanks to the busy photographer as well as myself who ended up slaving away in the press room every chance possible. (which was totally voluntary and enjoyable btw!)

I don’t know what it is about the trend but I’m totally and completely in love with the metallics these days so in a way or another, I just had to incorporate it into the outfit hence the Post December silver leather collar and the Calvin Klein clutch that I scored at Off Saks many years ago. While I love this silver metallic collar, it tends to move around a lot so my solution was to tape it on with a few artist tapes. Trust me, the tape is one thing you will want to always keep with you as it’s not only extremely adhesive but flexible as well which is perfect to be used on fabrics.

On the day I wore this outfit (which I think was the second day of SFW), girls from Singles Trend Maker 싱글즈트렌드메이커 wanted to film my outfit for their show which aired last week. You can view the episode here (apparently the link doesn’t work everywhere but I’m sure you can search for it. it’s episode 4 on MBC Every1).  My scene is at 19:51- it’s very short, but they did call me “Fashion Queen” and I’m totally flattered. A big thank you to the videographer who made me look good despite a short time frame, I was worried I’d look fat and ugly… Makes me all giddy inside… hehehe

H&M striped t-shirt, Vintage cardigan, Elizabeth & James paneled leather skirt, Topshop over the knee socks, Silver metallic collar necklace by Post December, Jeffrey Campbell Wright wedges, Red beanies from a street vendor in Itaewon

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